Aurama Solutions Business Advisory

aurama solutions business advisory

1. Strategic Plans & Business Plans

Entrepreneurs, executives, and leadership teams are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the future growth and viability of their organization. Their leadership is necessary to identify the direction, set goals, determine priorities, quantify growth, build and strengthen core competencies, and craft initiatives that will measurably move the organization to the next level of performance.

Our consulting experience which spans a wide range of industries enables us to design and facilitate a strategic process that suits your culture, planning experience and desired outcomes.

Seeking external funding or want to align your business model with the vision and Mission? Contact us to discuss how a strategic planning process could serve your organization. We are able to quickly define an appropriate strategy or business plan that meets the organization’s needs, budget, time, and availability.

2. Business & Project Feasibility Studies

aurama solutions business project feasibility studies

For companies, organizations, and institutions planning to build or expand facilities and operations, one of the preliminary steps is a thorough cost/benefit analysis or feasibility study. AURAMA has the resources and experience to understand the scope of a proposed project/business expansion, identify potential obstacles and risks to completion, formulate viable alternatives, and analyze available and needed resources to achieve success.

Components of an In-Depth Feasibility Study:
Construction or expansion of industrial facilities is often a multi-year, multiphase project that continues through market changes, personnel turnover, and political shifts. To assess whether the increased capacity and additional resources to be gained by a project outweigh possible strains on company finances and manpower, AURAMA project feasibility study services conducts an in-depth analysis of these factors:

  • Project scope & limits.
  • Duration of project phases.
  • Risks & obstacles to completion.
  • Availability of adequate funding.
  • Resources for limiting or funding cost overruns.
  • Project constraints (legal, regulatory, & logistical)
  • Availability of personnel, equipment & supplies.
  • Alternative scenarios.
  • Other commitments that could impact project completion.

AURAMA feasibility study is an important tool for mapping out the pitfalls of proceeding with a project versus the potential benefits of improved efficiencies and expanded capacity.


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